Safety and Equipment

Safety is of paramount importance on the water so we ensure that we provide all necessary safety equipment including buoyancy aids and quick release waist leashes for every participant. We start every session with a clear land based safety briefing which includes self/peer rescue techniques. We use high quality boards and paddles from Starboard, Quroc and  Gong to teach with so you can be sure that you are learning on decent kit. We also communicate regularly with the harbour master and base our session times around the tides so that conditions are more favourable for learning/progressing. The wind is a little less predictable and we may need to adjust timings to give us the calmest conditions possible. Unfortunately, we do sometimes need to cancel sessions on safety grounds due to strong winds. Please let us know if you have any further questions by emailing us at info@letssup.co.uk or calling us on 07486 511498.