Please read our COVID 19 policy below: 


Clients are asked to:

  • Declare that you (and your household) have no symptoms of COVID-19

  • Declare that you can swim and have a good level of fitness

  • Be in single household/bubble groups (maximum of 8 people) or adhere to social distancing between households when reasonably possible

  • Maintain 2 metre social distancing when reasonably possible from the instructor and anyone else not in their extended family group 

  • Bring hand sanitizer to be used before and after the session 

  • Return equipment to areas indicated by the instructor

  • Complete an online registration form and COVID 19 declaration before the session 


Instructors will ensure:

  • They are free from COVID 19 symptoms

  • Equipment is thoroughly cleaned/disinfected between sessions

  • They handle customer equipment using gloves/hand sanitizer as appropriate

  • Clients are aware of self-rescue techniques

  • They maintain 2 metre social distancing from clients when reasonably possible

  • They provide extra hand sanitizer if needed

  • They have a disinfected storage area for personal items available.